Release Date: June 18, 2010

Xeum’s versatility in musical styles ranging from Jazz, Lounge, House to Electronica, may be the best way to describe his production prowess. His upcoming release will surely appeal to both electro and house fans from Shanghai to Paris.

1. Alarm (Part 1)

Alarm is an electro-tech house tune with a hypnotic melodic synth line accompanied by strong beats. An electro feel is given by the guitars and bass. Alarm by Xeum will get people up on their feet and dancing to the beat.

2. Ssab (Alarm Part 2)
This is another punchy electro-tech tune with a hypnotic synth melody and heavy bass/kick. During the breakdown a progressive feel is added by the pads to enhance the melodic synth.

3. Alarm (Vendone’s Deeper Sleeper Mix)
Antonio Vendone strips back a lot of the electro elements and delivers a bass driven minimal tech house track with a warm melodic breakdown. One for the summer day time parties or a 4am underground track.

4. Alarm (Elton Smith Remix)
Elton strips back the original to accentuate the melodic guitar element throughout the track with his own subtle variations to bring a funky and grooving progressive house track, aimed solely at bringing people to the dance floor.

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