Influenced by a myriad of different music genres, Eduardo D'Alirio's experimental and melodic style makes him an artist of the future in electronic dance music's new generation. Blasphemia EP is a versatile production and a must-have for DJs with an affinity for progressive and harmonic Techno.

1. Blasphemia (Original Mix)

The title track of this EP contains deeper elements and changes slightly from the beginning to the end. The idiosyncratic sound of the vocal samples emphasizes the ominous atmosphere, and the simple but striking bassline gives you a feeling of suspense - something for the late night.

2. Suck My Bit (Original Mix)
A techy track that sets you into a state of bliss. Let the synth lines just take you to another level while the harmonies change. A very detailed arrangement of the hi-hats will massage your ears, while the kicks and the bassline will get any leg shaking.

3. What Is It All About (Original Mix)
This track has a very drifty character and has the potential of whipping a crowd of electronic dance music lovers into a frenzy. The progressive structure and the stunning breaks make this composition a must-have for DJs and fans of the more progressive style of techno music.

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