Paul's latest drop holds no punches as he assaults the dancefloor with his all out House tracks. His latest release on Eclesia keeps it groovy, melodic and progressive. It's time to be intrepid!

1. Am Only Dancing (Original Mix)

Portraying a reflection to label owner Seng Wei's style, "Audacity Of The 909" by local veteran Paul T. is set to mess with the pigeon-holers' perceptions while keeping them mesmerized. "Am Only Dancing" is full of progressive house sensibilities when it comes to its pounding beats doubled with dark, pumping moody riffs, but its acid house squelchy grooves add a rather 70s disco feel, throwing listeners off into another realm. Thus, "pigeon-holing" this track into a particular genre is no easy job and sets the focus strictly on the musical journey it takes you on, without getting too bothered about what genre it should belong to.

2. Arabica Nites (Original Mix)
Just when you thought track number 2 in this 5-track EP is surely a straight up house banger as the four-to-the-floor in your face kicks greet you at the beginning of the track, "Arabica Nites" shows itself as a little something more as the track progresses. Melodic uplifting chords and haunting keys offer a slight progressive, trancey tang to the otherwise percussive rolling house groove. Eerie stabs and a wobbly sub-bassline thankfully do not overpower the rest of the arrangements but choose to growl away in the distant background. The ever present 909 kicks adds a mixing-friendly loop which DJs will adore.

3. Fallen (Original Mix)
"Fallen" opens with the suspense of a tick tocking clock sound amidst a virtual black hole. Then it's all hips grinding, head-swinging and hands up in the air as the beat kicks in. Favoring a grungier sound, "Fallen" utilizes funky, raw, grungy pulsed baseline modulations and droning hypnotic riffs for the main body of the track. Wiry rhythms and a synthesized vocal part complete the job in the progressive house mold with electro undertones onto this electrifying dancefloor number.

4. Minute Masters (Original Mix)
A personal favourite in this EP, "Minute Masters" is a minimal tech house groover that chugs along with head-bobbing style. Crisp subdued beats, electro stabs, a rawer than raw bassline and a series of catchy hooks late in the track provide more hip swaying action for the floor.

5. Morning After (Original Mix)
Paul T. definitely has house, electro and subtle techno influences deep set into his production mind for this EP. "Morning After" has the dancefloor in mind and no two words about it. An old school house vibe, whiplash percussion, dubby beats, trippy riffs, uplifting piano chords, accompanied with retro-ish synthlines; a lethal combination that steers its way right into the path of connoisseurs of house music and sets its place in the big rooms. Personally, it makes a wonderful, beautiful epic course to work your way out of an excursion at the end of a tech-laced, pounding set. Aptly named indeed.

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