Elton delivers his debut EP for Eclesia with a diverse progressive house sound. Using elements of ambience, funk and hands-in-the-air grunt, there is something for dance floors at any time of the night.

1. Central Sensitivity (Original Mix)

There is nothing sensitive about this track. It is characterized by a continually evolving synth line, dark synth stabs and a heavy kick/bass combination. A funky use of percussion, haunting female vocal echoes, and an epic breakdown cleverly leads to an end, where the fusion of all the elements will have everyone up on their feet.

2. Grey Matter (Original Mix)
A funky and driving track, characterized by a plucky bassline complemented by a number of funky synth lines. A distinctive break builds tension, before the last phase introduces an evocative piano lead that suitably complements the increasing build of the track. One to get the dance floor moving!

3. SSRI (Original Mix)
A progressive, tech house track that starts off with a luscious groove and a smooth arpeggiated sequence that builds to a frenzied crescendo at the end. Underlying this rhythm is a driving and low bottom end, giving the track plenty of energy. A must-play for those DJs looking to build their set up from a deep beginning.

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