We warmly welcome Avalon Singapore resident - Stephen Day to ECLESIA Records! Showcasing his production skills with “Lost & Found” EP, featuring two brand new tracks - “9 Months” and “It Can Be Found”. Stephen’s maturity as a vastly experienced DJ with his musical background deeply rooted in House and Disco, and his knack for anything deep and groovy are clearly evident here in this release. This definitely won't be the last you hear of the man.

1. 9 Months (Original Mix)

A gem of a melodic Tech House track. If emotive, deep and progressive is in your aural scope, “9 Months” is definitely one right up your alley. Punchy kicks and synthesized shakers start off the track, gradually being greeted by cleverly placed cowbells, warm pads, and a beautiful lead, leaving the listener with no doubt about its true identity as a deep monster. Haunting keys and melodic chord progression soon step in to take things off to the next level, morphing the epic uplifting soundscape that leaves one in the know painting a beautiful picture in their minds, as they close their eyes and float their hands up in the air. One for the late night.

2. 9 Months (Brendon P's Calendar Dub)
Singapore veteran Brendon P turns in a deep tech dub, utilizing the original elements but reworking them with subtle percussive and atmospheric layers that take it into darker territory. Added to all of that, a hypnotic bassline and drop makes this perfect for either a backroom or main room.

3. It Can Be Found (Original Mix)
Spooky stabs and pads greet you at the door of “It Can Be Found”, leading the listener steadily into its realms. What may start out sounding like a deep emotive tech piece, changes when a variation of chords is introduced, adding a dancey vibe to the track. Stephen’s skills on the keyboard is once again apparent here in the track as the uplifting chord lead goes hand-in-hand with the stabby sub-bass and soulful vocal sample which proclaims the track title, creating a groovy House tune fit for the club dancefloor.

4. It Can Be Found (Pezzner Remix)
Maestro of all things deep, Dave Pezzner has already created a reliable reputation for himself as a solo producer and a household name within a relatively short period of time - a name which has become synonymous with Deep House. This time, he serves up his impeccable taste on Stephen Day’s “It Can Be Found”. The track begins its deep and chugging excursion right from the very first second; starting off with an eerie feel of suspense. The prominent rat-a-tat bass stabs like rapid machine gun fire that occur throughout, and the signature melodic keys of Stephen’s original are accompanied by a reverberating hypnotic vocal snippet at the beginning, serving as the foundation of the build-up into the main body of the track. Punchy kicks then take over and continue to work harmoniously with the rest of the other elements to pack in the groove. Overall, Pezzner did an outstanding job in reworking the arrangements and adding his deft touch to this Deep House number.

DJ Feedback

"Downloading for Dubfire. Thanks!" - Dubfire (Sci + Tech)

"Thanks!" - Luciano (Cadenza Records)

"Very cool" - Danny Krivit (718 Sessions, Body & Soul)

"Nice..." - Siopis (Mangali)

"I'm feeling this" - Marques Wyatt (Deep LA)

"Original mix works!" - Flash Brothers (Agnosia Records)

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