Here are Dave Pezzner's thoughts, "in his own words," about his remix of "It Can Be Found" for the Lost & Found EP on Eclesia.

"I love it when a project goes well. On my favorite remix projects there's always a certain point where the track seems to take over and start writing itself. I cant say that everything I do goes as smooth because sometimes I feel like I have to force my work to fit some kind of artistic vision - be it for a finicky label owner, or my own misconceptions about what is going to "work". But this project is one of the rare ones where I had a chance to let loose some bottled up abstract energy; to set my inhibitions aside and move forward without filter. I enjoyed working on this remix immensely, and ultimately learned a bit - about myself, my creative brain and this music we call 'house'. Big thanks to the A+R staff at Eclesia for bringing me on board and top notch guidance through this production."

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