2014 sees us bringing London's Oliver Osborne into the Eclesia Crew. Coming on board with the vocal tracks "Save Your Breath" and "Don't Fear What They Say", with hot remixes from Stephen Day, Ashley Casselle & Usul. Drawing influences from multiple House sub-genres, the release refuses to be pinned to one particular style. Check out his DJ sets at the hottest spots across Singapore!

1. Save Your Breath (Original Mix)
The track starts out sparse and percussive, with the sound of filtered shakers and a suppressed kick drum opening up the track, leading into the thick soaring bassline that lifts the track into its stride. Drawing influence from the old skool Chicago House sound, "Save Your Breath" stays tight and energetic throughout, laced with Oliver Osborne's smooth enthralling vocals. This deep, bassline driven affair packs in a solid groove with an air of cynical moodiness, and is sure to leave its mark in the modern Deep House scene.

2. Save Your Breath (Stephen Day Remix)
Stephen Day's rework transforms the original into a more driving and darker affair. Retaining Oliver's bassline and rearranging it into a more driving repetitive sequence. This reworked version sees Stephen utilizing his know-hows of mood creations with nice floating hi-hats, synth washes, big riffs and a smooth flow to the arrangement. He has laid his hands in every nook and cranny, re-arranging and re-programming "Save Your Breath" into a completely new take of aural and dancefloor pleasure. One remix that will appeal to DJs and club-goers who enjoy Deep House with a tougher edge.

3. Don't Fear What They Say (Original Mix)
This emotive piece has an altogether different feel from the title track. A subtler pulsating Nu-Disco cum Deep House number that exudes a summery vibe to it. Warm pad sounds paint the main backdrop and sets the thought-evoking tone, led by a subdued kick and a mesmerizing male voice full of optimism and positivity. A deep synth bassline working in unison with some smart sampling of guitar licks and unfussy drum programming make this a catchy stepper. A proper deep and funky track for the summer!

4. Don't Fear What They Say (Ashley Casselle & Usul Remix)
Groove is what this version is all about. A deep, funky bassline forms a perfect marriage with crisp punchy kicks, bongos, atmospheric sweeps and a vocal snippet speaking the track title that opens up this Ashley Casselle & Usul Remix. A whole new perspective and dubbed out flavour has been injected into this track, creating its own distinct identity from the original whilst retaining its overall deep feel. Tasteful hypnotic piano works mark the two breakdowns taking listeners to another time and space - the ideal recipe for working the crowd. The production duo has definitely nailed it here with their meticulous and skillful wizardry in the studio.

5. Don't Fear What They Say (Ashley Casselle & Usul Isntrumental Dub)
Finally to round off the package, Casselle and Usul drop a stripped-down "Instrumental Dub".

DJ Feedback

"I've already opened 3 of my sets with this, it's truly an awesome remix and the best I've heard from the Ashley camp yet. I hope to hear more collaborations from Usul and Ash soon, as they've created this lush yet pumping sound together." - Danny Howells (Dig Deeper Records)

"Nice" - Betoko (Diynamic Music, Get Physical Music, OFF Recordings, Suara, Exploited Records, Nurvous Records)

"Stephen Day rmx for me, thanks" - Kellerkind (Noir Music, Stil vor Talent)

"Ashley's remix is the bomb" - Raxon (Culprit, Noir Music, audio tonic)

"Nice package thanks" - Jonny Cade (2020 Vision Recordings, Leftroom Records)

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