Here are Ashley Casselle's thoughts, "in his own words," about his remix of "Don't Fear What They Say" for the Save Your Breath EP on Eclesia.

"When we were offered 'Don't Fear What They Say' to remix, Usul and I jumped at the chance, as deep within the original lies an honesty and feel that hails back to those earliest of Chicago house records. Its starkly fragile yet strongly phrased vocal reminds you of some of the real classics that paved the way for the styles of deep electronic music we love today.

Our remix keeps elements of the original's vibe, but we cut back on the chord changes and woven our own hypnotic charm into it, I would say. Tripping and dubbing sounds in and out of the mix gives the song a darker backdrop and an air of mystery too.

It's only the second remix Usul and I have done together, but we'll be hard pushed to better this for quite some time. I can certainly see myself dropping this into my DJ sets near the end of the night, I feel like we've done something timeless that might stand up in years to come."

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