Release Date: June 19, 2010

Here are Brendon P's thoughts, "in his own words," about his new upcoming release on Eclesia.

1. Glow (Original Mix)

A track that started out as more of an “electro” track and later sort of morphed into something more tech house sounding. It is quite unique as it isn’t quite house, minimal, techno, or electro, but would probably work on more discerning dance-floors.

2. I Just Might (Original Mix)
This one started out as a remix for a friend’s track. He wanted a deeper, darker, somewhat percussive, yet minimal rendition of his track; but wanted it a lot faster than I had made it. I liked it, and toyed with the idea of keeping it rather than trashing it altogether. So the debate of whether I should keep it or not, hence led to the title. The layered string pads on it can be quite haunting, in a repetitive sense - resulting in a minimal deep tech house track.

3. Knives Do Cut (Original Mix)
I don’t know how you’d describe this track actually; but it would be somewhat in the tech house mold I would imagine. On the one hand it’s a tad tribal, and on the other hand it can also be quite dark and sinister. I actually did this one after a break-up. So you can tell that it’s probably a little angry as well. Probably one of the tougher tracks I’ve done actually.

4. Knives Do Cut (Kehittymisen Mix)
I thought I’d do a remix of the “Knives Do Cut” track that was a little less angry, and yet kept its dark edge. The end result turned out to be a track with a progressive sort of feel to it. Subsequently, a Finnish friend told me that in their language - progression was "Kehittymisen", so it kind of stuck well with it. This remix only utilizes the strings from the original track. It could have also been a track on its own really.

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