Release Date: June 18, 2010

After releasing on several big labels such as Bedrock, Bonzai, Whoop!, and Hope Recordings - Parallel Sound’s latest progressive house release signed to Eclesia is set to attract attention from DJs, producers, and clubbers alike.

1. Mr Plod (Original Mix)

A melodic progressive house number that starts off techy and gradually builds up into a trance inducing melodic structure. It then fades off leaving you breathless.

2. Mr Plod (Xeum Remix)
Punchy and groovy, Xeum brings an electro touch but keeps a melodic and progressive edge fit for any main room set.

3. Mr Plod (Elton Smith Plodding Along Mix)
The Elton Smith remix is a funky and melodic interpretation of the original, highlighted by a deep breakdown and a driving peak to the track, which is guaranteed to get any dance floor moving.

4. Mr Plod (Matt Hammond’s Plodding Remix)
Driving and progressive fused with a melodic soundscape, Matt Hammond uses elements from the original to deliver this deeper, synth stab driven version.

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