Elton Smith

Elton Smith is an artist who has shown a deep appreciation for quality house music. Whether it's his exquisitely layered DJ sets which continually exhibit a smooth progression throughout, or his intricate programming in his production - all that is important is deliverance of excellent music.

In a career spanning almost 10 years, Elton was drawn to dance music in London with early influences including, Radio 1 stalwarts - Pete Tong and Judge Jules. Other influences include Seb Fontaine and Timo Maas. Aspiring to emulate such names, he turned to DJing and then like so many, production, where the advent of faster computers and cheaper software made it readily accessible for everyone. His passion for music has never faltered along the way, as he attended SAE in Melbourne to hone his production skills in the mid 2000s.

His journey has seen him DJ in clubs such as Turnmills in London, and other venues across Asia and Australia. A regular on Kiss FM and in major clubs in his hometown Melbourne, Elton has recently found producing with an eclectic group of people with the same passion to be highly rewarding and satisfying. "To me there is nothing better than sitting down with a blank slate and seeing what becomes of it. Music brings people closer together and I have found that with my life," he says.

Having released a 3-track EP and remixes for Parallel Sound and Xeum (all available on Eclesia Records), it looks his passion for house music will continue to burn for a while yet.

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