Paul Masters

Paul Masters is an Austrian music producer and remixer with Romanian roots, who comes from a family with a rich musical heritage. He started his musical journey in Vienna, Austria in 1997. Like all young composers, his fascination by the incredible power of music propelled him to learn the basic skills of production; working long hours in front of a primitive computer reproducing drum loops into beats, simple sounds into shapes and colors, molding them all into one. His musical spectrum is diverse, ranging from House, Techno to Electro, World Music to Hip Hop and Soul, Funk to Electronic, and Classical to Jazz.

In 2003, he debuted his first EP release on Rhythm Trax Records in Vienna, titled "Ride On" EP. This was later followed in 2004 by another 2 EPs called "Digital Sound of Numbers (Volume 1 and 2)". These releases were distributed worldwide by the CONTACT label in Germany, Europe.

In addition, tracks such as "Outside in the Afternoon" and "Contemporary Notes" (produced together with DJ Chris Rhythm) were broadcasted live on the famous FM4 Austrian Radio Station on the electronic music radio show - "Swound Sound" (fm4.orf.at). Thereafter in 2007, he joined DJ dewBlue on Radio 21’s Summer Dance Music Festival, "Liberty Parade", performing live to a crowd of a few thousand people.

As far as his academic music credentials are concerned, he completed and received a diploma from the Steinberg Mixing and Mastering professional seminar and workshop in Vienna in June 2006. Currently, he is working on his new creative online platform Paul Masters | Atelier.

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